RaShonda Gibson

President and CEO for Abundant Journeys

Ra Shonda is founder and Senior Travel & Lifestyle Manager for Abundant Journeys, a travel & lifestyle management firm founded on the principal of abundance to create a brighter and more positive future for oneself by valuing others and building them up through wellness travel. Formerly, her business focused primarily on lifestyle management for high profile individuals. However, in her mission to find colleagues and clients who shared her same goal of abundance and positive living, Ra Shonda has transformed her business inserting wellness into every facet of it. As a travel professional, she creates rejuvenating wellness retreats fit for the entire family, in beautiful destinations, led by fitness professionals, chefs, nutritional experts and other health & wellness connoisseurs. Ra Shonda has an enduring devotion to design trips for families to travel together, eat well together, have fun together.... Be together. Aside from operating Abundant Journeys, she is Editor-in-Chief for a new, quarterly magazine, Travel & Lifestyle: The Wellness Factor and she operates a specialty gift business online. She also serves as an Ambassador for her local chamber as well as serving on the committee for several area charity galas. When not designing travel itineraries, Ra Shonda is either speaking at industry conferences or creating women empowerment events for wellness professionals and other women entrepreneurs. Life Life. Must Travel. Start your journey today.

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