Dave Holt, CSP

Facilitator and Sales Performance Coach, DWG Performance, Inc.

Dave Holt has spent 22 years working in the training and development field. In that time he has experienced many roles, which have included sales, sales management, sales coaching, consulting and facilitation. He is a lead Facilitator for the Canadian Professional Sales Association. Dave’s client list spans all major industry segments including finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, consulting, specialty services and package goods. He has expert skills in customer relations, sales development, sales leadership development, and team building and presentation skills. Dave has delivered learning programs internationally in a variety of ways including, live satellite broadcasts to a national audience, large sales conferences and traditional classroom and workshop environments. His workshops are fast-paced, interactive and practical. He ensures that everyone learns something about themselves as they increase their knowledge of a specific topic and delivers in a very entertaining manner which enhances the learning and the fun. Dave has designed and conducted workshops and seminars on a variety of topics, such as Sales, Sales Coaching, Effective Presentations, Communications, Change Management and Team Building. Dave has coached sales professionals, sales managers and senior management on major sales initiatives and presentation topics.

What is Dave’s perspective on sales development? Organizations need to continually invest in improving the performance of their people. Sales and service people need to take responsibility for continuously learning and becoming the best they can be for their customer’s. Great sales leadership becomes the foundation for success.

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